Destination Coorg

The date said 1st July and an uncalled nostalgia of hills made us travel to the Scotland of the South, Coorg, Kodagu. Though without specific reasons, we travel mainly out of selfishness, to find beauty and peace in whichever place we go. A five hours road trip from Bangalore to Kodagu (Coorg) was unconventional and unforgettable.
To check on expenses we booked an extremely cheap place. While booking we never dared to look at the pictures of the rooms or check the amenities. Everyone else knew the resort would be a beautiful one. Even we kept on consoling ourselves. The best part of the trip was surprises.
Located in a coffee estate, the Green Valley Resort was a paradise in true sense. We felt like we were stuck in the woods. Forever…
The misty hills in front, the garden of hopes, the peaceful noise of the crickets and the humming of the birds was a deal with our heart. Coorg was not a kingdom of peace but an abode of hopes. The continuous drizzling and my wet feet on the wet grass, we felt what it takes to be complete.
I am on my way
And I am stuck in the woods. 
It’s a windy night and the hills are a moor of time. 
A tone of a metaphysical soul 
Resides here, in between the trees and valleys. 
I was on my way but 
I got stuck in the woods. 
The seasons are changing and they call me
By my surname.
Trying to tie me without my consent. 
The knot was just not sure. How?
How sure these wandering souls were! How?
Yawn and the brouhaha of time 
still sings ny name here. 
I am on my way 
But I am stuck in the woods. 
In the nude trees resides the first poet of dawn. 
The white waters cluster down my throat.
The freedom in floating isn’t a travel
But the goddess of myself. 
You loathe the name of the hills
Thus , sometimes witness my sincerity
I got stuck in the woods
While I was on my way…
—Nicole Vellaccio
Kodagu’s Raja’s Seat, Golden Temple, Nagarhole and so on are mere sights but the most enjoyable was the river rafting on Kaveri and the one hour long trek to Iruppu Falls surrounded by dense forest. We read on the hoarding, ‘you get washed off all your sins when you stand in front of the high waterfall’. We never thought of sins but what we did was just witness the beauty of nature, the wilderness of love and the white waters all around. Sins are not so good of course, but you forget your sins once you stand in front of this huge eternity.
We claim to be adventurous but in reality we are sometimes scared to the core. When we heard of rafting, the same happened to us too. However we couldn’t comprehend the reason why we decided at one go for the rafting. Helmets on, life jacket on and we six were on. We drafted through the silent Kaveri. We dived into the river in the middle of the rafting session. We floated. We looked above at the sky…What is so special about this place that it kept calling us? This is clearance of sins…when we floated on the Kaveri, not for once thinking about the outside world we tied knot with an unknown us. Never did we know that we loved nature so much.
Irrespective of so much fun and calmness, we wonder why can’t we stay here forever and witness the lush green atmosphere? Why can’t we keep on swimming in Kaveri? Why is it holding us tight? Meanwhile, while finding answers we never knew when we reached back… still trying to find out through our travel journal what was wrong in staying back? Which place was the most beautiful among all? When all of us woke up to the song of the birds early morning, and went for a walk with Bonzo ( the local dog) , we knew life had to change for us. It had to be different…it is difficult and different.

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