Travel and Seek

Travelling and seeking are like mountains with feet. Wandering around on your own was never an easy option for most of us. It’s not a one day decision. We must have been seeking for truth, pleasure, beauty but never did we seek for travel. Do not restrict. Travel is not about being only a vagabond and immediately walking down your streets. It’s about meditation. A soul refreshing process which takes years…

We have seen how much bragging people do on travelling but that’s to some point absolute bogus. Come on, we don’t have enough money to travel the world and hitchhiking was never an easy option as the eleven letter word seems. We never did check our locality properly and then hanging around in Italy is an absolute bad choice. Seeking life and mediating your needs are opposite and when your mind starts a conflict, only then do opportunities start pouring over. The glass is filled, water is overflowing, either drink some or throw down the basin.


Give some time…Travel will be with a choice. And that is seeking. The next time when you move out of your house and put your bare feet on the wet grass, look around and take a fresh breath. Only then will you realise what’s seeking and what’s travelling. Never trespass. That would destroy the essence and the essential meaning of reality.

So, would The Stranger now travel or seek or do both? Seek Friend. While you travel, Seek. Seek for fascination, seek for love and seek for the harsh truths. Only these make a travel journal complete. Otherwise it’s just travelling superficially; you haven’t looked deep into the well then. Seek…


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