A journey to remember…

Yeah, a journey, a normal travelling from my college to home. I travelled many times. But there was something special about this one.
I just took my bag & sat on my regular window seat.
Everybody  was known but still it felt unknown to me…why? Don’t know yet…But there was something. I took my earphone and plugged it on as most of us do during the journey and had put some random song to pass the time. I starting seeing out of the window.
Everything was normal till then. However, it just takes a second to change everything…isn’t it so??I started thinking…what am I doing??
It started with “deadly” past ,”worried” future upto my “nowhere” present. It seemed like the speed of train was competing with my speed of thoughts! The more intensly I thought, the more the swiftly the train sped. I paused thinking ,the train reaches to some random station and ceased.
It was like an olympic between my heart, mind & the train. By now my brain had become a battle ground.
Sometimes you know…you can’t do anything with just thinking, but still u do that, because you don’t have any option!
The engines blew the horn & it seemed the battle started again.This time more intensely. I thought that it could have blown my head.
“Milan stop thinking ,whatever it may be…” I told to myself.
But you know If it was so easy to control your mind ,we all would be somewhere in a better place.
It seemed like all the weight has reached the head, I no more  can feel my body.
I can see people gossiping among themselves,but can’t hear them. I probably guess its because of my high volume song, not because of the battle…but who knows!!
I was going nowhere, not getting any conclusion.
Just then my friend poked me and said, “Milan utarvu nai,station aavi gayo”(Milan get down ,station has arrived.)”
It seemed like he stopped everything. I colleced myself down.
“Neither the journeys ends,nor my thoughts”
They just took a pause.
Next time if you have this journey, be prepared, be ready to win unlike me.
Milan Modi