Yuki’s apprentice showed me all the wondrous birds in the aviary.
‘The Yuki was out of town’ she mentioned.
On Survival she would return.
But now she sowed the seeds of patience
She showed me the peacocks in the aviary.
The apprentice said, ‘this is the bird of paradise in a desert of rhetorics.
It is a mirage. A colourful attainable mirage.
It speaks a different language
But undoubtedly Yuki still hears her call.
When I walked into the fishery
I dropped my handkerchief from my nose.
The apprentice picked it up for me and said, ‘Yuki never used it for she was an easy going woman.’
I asked when would she return. But all the apprentice said was ‘May be someday.’
The day was over and my contract of visiting zoos ended.
I called the apprentice at night in case there was any news.
While I wanted to speak, she stopped me when she said,
‘Good night Yuki. It’s quite late now. ‘
 Neelanjana Seth 

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