Travelling Deserts


I have seen memories in front of my eyes. I have never seen them so clear yet so shadowy. I knew a day would come and I had to shake hands with it, all over again, but I never in my wildest dreams thought memories could be haunting and disturbing to this extent…

When I walk in a desert, I find myself sleeping to find strategies out of this trance. It’s a long trance and a trance of pessimism. I never viewed deserts as something positive. But to me, realization comes later. When you didn’t see me while we walked together, I concluded I traversed a deserted island. There was nothing great in it. What it housed was absolute shallowness.

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Sometimes, memories do haunt. They have this natural tendency of killing you from within, but at the same time they give you immunity. Immunity against a deserted land. A desert.

However, deserts need help. Memories need help. Nostalgia needs a lot of help. Help of my life. How will these parasites stay without me? I have a great responsibility and that is to keep them alive. If I kill this desert, I kill myself and I never want to die so fast, so early without travelling the world or setting my foot on my dream land.

Neelanjana Seth



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