The Shadows of Glass


Thousand seconds to figure out what happened

Twelve seasons of monsoons passed by,

And still they remain in drought

Trying to figure out through the windows of glass.

O desires of heart, what have you created?

Fifty one memories did make me bleed,

Seventy three more to rip my wounds

What is it that I am trying to figure out through the panes of mist,

The monsoon or the drought?

The famine or the loneliness of the days?

When impossibility turns it’s head down

Translating the unscripted words

What is it that remains?

O the garden of time

Why are you pacing so hard?

Smoke is starting to set fire on ice

Through the bliss of paradise, Pigeons walk

When unbearable lightning of the sky touches, I start to realise, what did I lose,

Was it the time or just a single moment of love?

Destiny designing it’s way out of my heart

The waves of sea turns still

Why are you being so stubborn?

Flow over the last part of drought

The desires will start realizing the arrivals of monsoon.

Eighty seven touches on the toughest part

Feathers seem like stones.

The excitement of the months keep arousing

The timely tales of rain that casts the clock today.

Why aren’t you mad O heart?

Why don’t you find your own door…

Pavements of diamonds near the fountains, sparkle

While the sailing smoke speak on its way.

Neelanjana Seth


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