Sometimes seek False…


Sometimes seek false…

I went forward to seek truth and then there was entangling of my own desires. I wished to remain aloof, aloof from the grip of myself. Truth is not harsh. It is reality. Ultimately, the ultimate seek we carry on is for falsehood. Truth never matters in your lies and similarly neither does falsehood matter in our truths.

There is a reality of time. When we are able to distinguish between beauty of nature and the beauty of mind, we are a bit successful in collaborating truth with lies. I have always seen life from a glass named falsity. On its brim lies truth, either I pour more of its name to emulsify or drink the whole potion.

Is there a point when truth will stop being vulnerable? Whether the truth is about a petty matter, then too there is selfishness, there is conflict. When will the account of truth change? Truth is not allowed in a relationship with memories. Falsehood was always welcomed. Truth was never welcomed in a lie which mattered the most, falsehood always ruled over.

So, sometimes I put down my veil and wonder, why is falsity a far topic? Isn’t it much beautiful than truth? Don’t we quarrel less with numbers while we make something false. Then why not we seek false? In fewer times this is needed to keep us alive. I am never asking to tell lies incessantly but the moment you create a seek inside your heart and make a world of falsehood, the matter will be easier. The desire to deal with life would be much easier than it seems now. Falsehood never lie. After all they are not lies…

Neelanjana Seth


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